Fors srl


    FORS has been on the market since 1964 and will initially be operating as mechanical workshop specializing then in INDUSTRIAL FOLDING AND SLIDING DOORS PRODUCTION.  this operational diversification remains between the production areas that divide at present the Company. The mechanical carpentry is understood as the art of folding and process iron in an overview that allows you to deal with inquiries from customers from the design stage through to development and construction of the article;  for this reason FORS is committed to achieve, at the Superior Council of Public Works, the Center of Transformation Steel Certificate.

    The product types are the most diverse proposals: enclosures, gates, exodus stairs, platforms, canopies, shelters,  iron structures, elements of seismic structural stiffening, railings and all that is steel and stainless steel working. The industrial doors gates department realizes manufacture using a modern automatic line which allows the structural shutters construction with double pre-painted metal sheet and polyurethane  high density foam for a total thickness 50 mm.
    The corporate philosophy aimed at greater openness possible towards more diversified demands of the market allows to build shutters also in out of standard conformations for example with different paneling greater thickness or off-standard dimensions or fully glazed doors made with termal break profiles .

    The third branch production regards aluminum windows, area where FORS fits in more recent years to address the many Customers requests who prefer interface with a single interlocutor to entrust work to go to complete the supply for everything that is related to the theme of the closing of the shed.
    The commercial truck of Company is focused on idea to meet the needs of the market even when requests should be based outside of the production standards counting on decades of experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical handwork.

    Business processes are coordinated by a Management System implemented by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality CE certificated.